“Truth” is required to buildings. The truth is deriving the most appropriate technology, artistic nature, and cost without pretense, and is essential in order to create reliable buildings. We ensure the design management in the strict standards and provide secure buildings. Buildings will last for 30 years, 40 years, and some times more than 100 years. We create the “building history” with the owner and develop its value.

All buildings have responsibility to meet the social demand. Landscape, atmosphere, and culture are dictated by buildings there. The buildings should be valuable for the business owners and the society. We believe that we are regarded with high esteem by the owners and society because we work by high aim: to make town plans for the future, to build beautiful and comfortable cities.

Long-lasting buildings have a lot of influence not only the present but also the future. We, as who engaged in the buildings, make efforts to establish earth-friendly buildings for the future with design in harmony with nature or effective use of eco-energy.

Design Policy

Light Story Sogo Keikaku Co., Ltd. is an architectural and planning design office, which manages business design of apartments and welfare facilities to design and interior coordination of custom homes, and space design to structural planning according to customers’ needs and budgets.

We try to carry out thorough design reviews, and check and improve qualities. Furthermore, with customers, we support customers to aim at functional, durable, safe, beautiful, and reasonable creation.
Also, we think that strict construction cost management and energy conservation planning skill are necessary.

When planning profitable businesses such as rental apartments or business hotels, the first plan is very important to get a high profit in long term.

Light Story Sogo Keikaku Co., Ltd does marketing researches around the property, decide the scale, size of the room, and specification meeting customer needs, and make and analyze a business balance based on the proposal.

Supervision Policy

Light Story Sogo Keikaku Co., Ltd supervises the design at each field based on the blueprint. We are trying to establish a building better that its blueprint in cooperation with the general contractor.


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